Acid Tile Cleaning

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Tile cleaning For Grout Haze and Mineralisation Removal

One of our premium services, acid tile cleaning, is generally more appropriate when considering newly laid tile and grout. This type of cleaning is very effective on grout staining or “grout haze”. Acid cleaning also is good for the removal of efflorescence and mineral deposits.

There are different types of tile cleaning chemicals. These include acid, high alkaline and PH neutral cleaners. It is important that the correct cleaning chemicals are used for each circumstance.

acid tile cleaning

During the construction of new homes and buildings it is often the case that the tiles are laid before other tradesmen have completed there work. As a result, there is often an array of different materials that end up being dropped on the floor. Also, there can be dirt and even mud that is dragged on the tiles.

So, at the end of the building process, we can find a collection of unwanted materials on the tiles. This ranges from: Grout Haze, Plaster, Render, Silicone, Paint and more. Hi alkaline detergents do not remove grout haze very well.

A professional acid tile cleaning method should be employed in this situation. This method is guaranteed to clean the tiles and grout very well indeed. We are very experienced with this type of cleaning.

Keep in mind if a tradesman did happen to drop a harsh chemical onto the tiles, such as oil, the acid cleaning will not remove tile damage and harsh grout staining.

The image shows stone tile cleaning in progress. The results on this particular job were excellent.

We use a specific type of acid to clean tiles and grout. You can’t just use any type of acid as this can cause damage to tiles and surrounding fixtures. We have the know how and the experience to safely clean your new floor tiles.

Acid cleaning can also be employed in areas where efflorescence and mineral build up has formed.

Mineral build up can occur around the grout lines in a shower recess. It can occur in areas where water is allowed to pool, and later evaporates. Efflorescence is a result of moisture finding it’s way up, from beneath the tiles,  through the grout, which then evaporates to leave mineral deposits.

professional tile cleaning

Professional acid tile cleaning can greatly improve the appearance of these areas.

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