Alkaline Tile Cleaning

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Hi-Tech Professional Tile Cleaning

Of the three types of tile cleaning chemicals generally used, high alkaline detergent based chemicals are most commonly used in professional tile and grout cleaning.

There are also ph neutral and acid tile cleaning chemicals for certain tiles and scenarios.

tile cleaning speers point

High Alkaline Tile Clean at Speers Point

Correctly applied, alkaline detergent is an excellent cleaning agent for tiles and grout. It dissolves grease and grime easily. In combination with high tech cleaning equipment, this is the standard tile cleaning method applied.

We have had customers who were so happy with the results, the couldn’t believe how well our cleaning system improved the appearance of their tiles and grout.

floor tile cleaning

Heavily soiled areas are no match for this tile cleaning technology. Floor and wall tiles will never be so clean!

Please keep in mind, cleaning will not restore damaged and permanently stained tiles and grout.

grout cleaning close up


It is recommended that people and pets be kept out of the area while cleaning is in progress.

Our service is carried out with the utmost respect for property and the safety of people. With years of tile cleaning experience, this process is professional and safe.

tile and grout cleaning

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