Shower Regrout Maitland

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Bolwarra Shower Regrout Maitland Area

Below are some pictures of recent work for a complete shower regrout, Mailtland – Bolwarra area. All the moldy silicone was also removed and replaced.

Regrout Maitland

Grout Removal to Fully Re-grouted.

The process first involved the complete removal of all the old grout and the moldy silicone. Once done, a three part epoxy grout was installed in all grout lines and new silicone installed

Work like this should only be attempted by a professional to avoid costly damage.

Regrout in Maitland

Before & After – White Epoxy Grout Installed

Epoxy grout is high grade that is water proof and highly stain resistant. Much tougher than standard grouts, it wont crack and degrade like sanded grout can.

At Hunter Tile & Grout Restoration we always recommend grouting with Epoxy, especially when regrouting a shower base.

After the grout hardened, the next day, the next silicone seals were installed around the shower screens where required.

If you would like a free quote for a regrouting job like this one, please feel free to contact us. We specialise in shower regrouts in Maitland and surrounding areas.

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