Professional Tile Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional tile cleaning for a range of circumstances. For newly built dwellings, tiles are often left dirty and sometimes covered with a grout haze. The solution to this is to clean with a specialised acid. This method is safe to use indoors and is not harmful or damaging to surrounding fixtures. This specialised method is very effective in removing residual grout haze.

tile and grout cleaning
Hi-alkaline tile and grout cleaning

Acid Tile Cleaning for Grout Haze

The acid tile cleaning method can also be used where there is a build up of mineral deposits. In combination with hi-tech tile cleaning equipment, it can help to remove long term build up of these deposits without damaging the tiles.

For existing homes and businesses, the standard tile cleaning method is a combination of high alkaline detergent and hi-tech cleaning equipment. The specialised high-alkaline tile cleaning solution is second to none. All traces of detergent, grime, oils and dirt are removed leaving your tiles and grout sparkling clean.

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